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Selling Your House Fast for Cash in Alachua FL

Are you looking to sell your house? We buy all kinds of homes in Alachua FL. Selling your house for fast cash prevents you from dealing with realtors. By choosing Triple DDD (Wealthy Home Buyers), you will receive a maximum cash offer for your house, instantly put more cash in your pocket, and choose the settlement date for your offer.

We have worked with all sorts of people in various situations. Whether you are going through a divorce, foreclosure, or relocation, we can help you sell your home fast and hassle-free. Don’t waste your time dealing with a realtor if you don’t have to. Triple DDD (Wealthy Home Buyers of Alachua) can buy your house cash in just a few days.

We understand that selling your house is time-consuming. This is often the case for many homeowners. They are too busy with life, work, and other things to lead the charge in selling their own homes.

Triple DDD (Wealthy Home Buyers of Alachua) can help you sell your home fast. We will save your a ton of time. Do you want to receive a fair market offer for your home today? If so, give us a call at (352) 224-9092. By doing so, you can bypass the traditional way of selling your home.

Let’s say that you are trying to sell your home but you keep getting distracted or you’re running into too many problems. You probably have contacted a real estate agent to help you sell your home. However, this individual hasn’t made the process easier. If you’re in this scenario, we’re here to help.

One of the best things about our company is that we’re not real estate agents. We simply have the money and legal resources available to smoothen the process of selling your home.

As you’re familiar, it can be complicated selling your home with a real estate agent. You’ll ultimately have to worry about cleaning and renovating your home. Besides, you’ll need to find a real estate agent you can trust. Don’t spend your time doing this if you don’t have to. We provide the simpler option of selling your home as-is.

Therefore, don’t put in a lot of work to receive a slightly higher sale price for your home. Receive the certainty of knowing exactly what your home is worth by giving us a call today!

We don’t require you to make any repairs or renovations. You won’t have to speak to buyers about your home, check to see if they can secure financing, and deal with the closing process. We’ll buy your home immediately.

We Buy Houses In Alachua FL (Ugly or Pretty)

You can count on us to purchase your home without any hurdles. We are a local company based in Alachua that has been in business for over a decade. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners throughout the years, and know precisely how to determine fair market value for your home.

Additionally, we’d love to make you a great offer for your home if you want to sell.

We don’t care about the condition of your home, and we have a simple process in place to purchase your home within a few days.

We can provide these services despite any situation you’re in. Whether you own a vacant house, inherited an unwanted property, or if you’re sick of dealing with difficult tenants, we can help.

Call us today to take care of your unwanted property.

For whatever reason, if you want to sell your home, you’ve come to the right place. We know there are several companies that will claim to purchase your home, only to lie or purchase it months after your offer.

You can rest easy knowing that we will purchase your home as-in, even if it’s been damaged by fire. We can close in as little as seven days so you can move on with your life.

There’s no time to wait. Haven’t you been waiting on the chance to sell your home? All you have to do is give us a call and provide us with a few basic details of your home and we’ll give you an offered range at fair market value.

It’s ideal to work with us because we realize how busy you may be with life. A lot of people don’t have the time to manage the sale of their home, so we strive to make each transaction less time-consuming for you.

Often times, homeowners make the mistake of trying to renovate their homes because they believe they can receive a higher offer. This may be true in some cases, but it’s all about what you can do. If you don’t have the time or the expertise in remodeling your home yourself, it’s best to just sell your home as-is.

Think about it this way. Would you really spend thousands of dollars just to increase your home’s value by that same amount? That isn’t a smart financial decision, as you’ll need to reduce the costs of renovation to actually make a profit from your home.

So, here’s a question. Are you an expert in flipping homes? If not, then don’t waste your time putting in months of time to barely increase the value of your home.

Just sell your home to us. We usually pay all closing costs for your home. Selling your home to us is a lucrative benefit for you so you can reduce the risk of renovating your home and losing out on selling your home for what you thought it was worth.

Don’t get your hopes up and believe that you can flip your home and make a fortune. Selling your home is an intricate process, and if you don’t possess the skills necessary to structure a deal for your home and remodel it so you can optimize your return on investment, then you need to just talk to us.

If this sounds interesting to you, call us today and we’ll discuss your next steps.

Selling House w/ An Agent

Selling House To US!

Commissions / Fees:

You pay 6% of asking price


Closing Costs

You pay 2.5%


Home Inspection

Up to 15% of asking price


Days Until Sold

+/- 90 Days

Same Day

Closing Date

30-60 Days after buyer accepts offer

Date of your Choice



None - We Pay for repairs

Maximum Cash Offer

Maximum Cash Offer

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Triple DDD aka “Wealthy Home Buyers” are serious real estate investors. We Buy Houses in Florida. We help homeowners avoid foreclosure/bankruptcy or pay off debt by buying their homes at a fair price. If you need to “sell your house fast for cash” contact us asap.

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